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Welcome to the TT Branch of Torres Foundation On-Line

Ancil receiving medal from President Richards Humming Bird Gold medal

Ancil Torres receives the Humming Bird Gold medal from Trinidad & Tobago President Dr. Maxwell Richards as Prime Minister Manning, Chief Justice Sharma and their wives look on.

On August 31, 2004 the Torres Foundation was the first organization for the disabled to receive the Humming Bird medal gold of the Order of the Trinity for loyal and devoted service to Trinidad and Tobago.

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A Record of Accomplishment

  • Established the BITT program, the first cutting edge computer literacy program for people who are blind. The program was adopted by the NALIS National Library and received the Prime Minister's Innovating for Service Excellence Award in 2004. Many blind individuals who have received training in this program have gone on to higher levels of education; secured better employment; and have discovered new careers.
  • Successfully advocated for special accommodations for persons with disabilities at the National Library. The Torres Foundation’s proposals were accepted and fully implemented. A Torres Foundation 8-person team made up of information technology and assistive technology specialists 6 of whom were disabled installed the high-tech systems at the Library. At the completion of the project in March 2003 the NALIS Library in Trinidad and Tobago was the most electronically accessible public library facility for the blind in the entire region.
  • Hosted CariATech in 2005, the first assistive technology conference ever to be held in the Latin America &Caribbean region.
  • Established the first community volunteer service for the blind that provides reading and shopping assistance
  • Established the first computer donation program in Trinidad and Tobago to provide refurbished computer equipment to people who are blind


To promote the educational, cultural, and social development of blind people in Trinidad and Tobago and throughout the Caribbean in an effort to bring about independence, career opportunities, and overall life enhancement.


The Foundation is a grassroots organization of people helping people to achieve their highest potential. The Foundation is guided by the principle that access to opportunities makes success. When a blind person has been provided the proper tools, education, equal access, and a chance to prove himself, only then will he truly have the ability to make himself a productive successful member of society.


On December 13, 1998, Wilfred Robert Torres, a blind citizen of Trinidad, died of cardiac complications. He was very popular and well respected both in and out of the blind community. Many came to him for guidance and counsel and he would always help whenever and wherever he could. As a blind individual and the father of a blind child Mr. Torres was always concerned about the need for better services and opportunities for blind people in Trinidad and Tobago. He was an outspoken leader and an advocate for the advancement and social development of the blind. Thus, upon the death of Mr. Torres, family and friends established the W. R. Torres Foundation for the Blind in his memory.


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